How To Become a Runner

Running hasn’t always brought comfort. In fact, it used to rank highly in the “Top 5 Childhood Anxieties” list.  Starting in Middle School, “The Mile” was one of the top causes of sleepless nights and sudden attempts to feign an illness. The dreaded 10 laps around the Middle School Soccer Field seemed to last hours and everyone seemed to be exponentially faster than I was.

It wasn’t until college when I started to give running a second chance. I realized that I could make it mine. I could go as slow as I wanted, stop as often as I needed. It wasn’t a race, but a place where I could just clear my head. Every run could be my run. There was no teacher standing over me with a stop watch, no kid sprinting past me while I trudged along.

I wanted to become a better runner, but I didn’t know how to go about it.  At the club involvement fair, I came across UCONN Endurance, a club where we “run for fun.” Joining a running group like Endurance opened so many doors. I was able to gain some advice from more seasoned runners, hear about some of the best races to run, and most importantly I made some of my best friends.( They were the ones to talk me into running my first half marathon. )

Joining a running group- or any type of fitness group- can help you commit to your goal.

Training for my first half marathon meant carving out at least an hour of my time while at school. Between classes and homework, I was able to find the morning was the best time to get my runs in. In fact, my most favorite time of day suddenly became the morning. I found myself waking up just before the sun in order to treat myself to a sunrise. It became my happy place. My quiet place.


Running then became so much more to me. It was no just an exercise. It was my time to forget about any exams, projects, relationships, future career options. I was born a worrier, but running granted me a clear mind.

When you want to commit to something new, like working out or eating healthier, you must make sure you are doing it for you. That deep down you want to do this. If it is truly for your own benefit, make sure you have a justifiable and healthy reason behind it. Remember why you started and tune into the feelings of accomplishment. Whether it be running 5 minutes longer than last time, waking up feeling more refreshed, or creating a new delicious meal. Change takes time, but being able to cherish those feelings of achievement will give you the energy to keep going.

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Hi! I’m Lauren, currently a Nutritional Sciences student at the University of Connecticut. My interest in food and nutrition started when I was about 13 years old. In some of my spare time I would research online the different food trends that were going on at the time. When my friends would come over we’d spend the day baking and cooking different creations we found on the internet or from our favorite cookbooks. At 13 though, it was somewhat difficult to decipher what was fact and what was fad. The internet is an endless virtual world of both legitimate and deceitful information. Throughout high school I took it upon myself to try and analyze what the best “diet” is to follow. I experimented on myself. Sometimes I felt great, sometimes I felt lousy, sometimes I was just plain hungry. I was in high school, I was following what the media and the internet told me to do. I didn’t justify it with facts, nor did I look for the hard science behind these “diets.” This is why I chose to go to school for Nutritional Sciences. I want the science, I want to know what the body does and how food nourishes it. I want to help people of all ages understand how nourishing your body and following a healthy lifestyle can change the way you feel. So they don’t have to struggle and experiment on yourself with the fad diets the media is constantly pumping out. I’m starting Naturally.LT to link you to articles, the studies, the passages to the books I’ve read all written by health professionals. I want to share with you recipes that I’ve found and created myself that are tasty and full of nutrients that will make you and your body happy. I will back up these findings with credible sources, there is no room for junk here. As you may have noticed on Naturally.LT, I have a link to running. Running has somewhat recently come into my life. Once I entered college, something just clicked. I loved the way running made me feel. I became happier, less stressed, and entered an awesome accepting community. Before I knew it I signed up for half and full marathons. Running is an interesting sport, both solitary and meditative, but can also be competitive and adrenaline pumping. This is something I want to explore on Naturally.LT. If you are a first time runner, or a seasoned veteran, I want to open discussion and help guide you with what can help you lace up your shoes or become a stronger runner and recover faster. So join me on this journey of nourishment and endurance.

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