DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is all the rage now. Popping up everywhere in local coffee shops and at your Starbucks. As a customer it seems that you’re dishing out a few extra dollars for this special brew. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can absolutely do it yourself in any quantity. It’s a win-win situation. Save little cash and no more watered down nonsense.

So how is it done? Well, it takes about 12 hours to fully brew, so it may be best to do it overnight. I only wanted 1 cup of coffee for the morning. However, it is easily adjusted to fit any need. So, you will need a coffee filter, your favorite coffee, 1 pitcher (or what ever size container you wish to fill with coffee- make sure it is easily pourable), and water.

Fill your container with water. Then add the amount of coffee you wish to make into the water directly. The amount of coffee you  add, should equate to however strong you would like your coffee. If you like to normally brew a strong pot of coffee, add the equivalent to the pitcher of water.

I like my coffee strong, so I added 2 heaping tbsp of espresso grind into my mason jar.


Let it sit overnight (or 12 hours) at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Then, carefully pour coffee through coffee filter into another container.

There you have it. Your very own cold brew. Mix with your favorite milk or sweetener 🙂

Maybe even some maple syrup!



* Some of my favorite coffee’s are from Simpson and Vail (Check them out! ) and Illy ( Coffee so rich and flavorful, it’ll put flavored creamers to shame. 😉

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